Equipment for Aerated Lightweight Bricks and Dry Mortar
AAC Plants ALC/NAAC Plants Dry Mortar Plants
Available AAC Plants ranging from 14M3/Day onwards.
  • Flexible production process - Semi-Automatic to Full Automatic. We make plant according to Client's needs and budget.

  • Superior product quality

  • Energy efficient plant operation

  • Simplified machine - Less maintenance ,Less breakdown periods

  • Easy Operations - Our machines are very simple to operate


We manufacture ALC/NAAC Plants ranging from 3.3M3/Day up to 80M3/Day Production Capacity.
  • Customized machine combinations- Manual small plant to full automatic line. We have various models to meet client's needs and budget.

  • Easy to upgrade production capacity - Want to expand production capacity? Just add more molds and base molds. That's it !

  • Superior block quality - Minimum cake handling result in less breakage

  • Precise block dimensions - Superior cutting with high end cutting machines results with minimum variation in block dimensions.

  • Energy efficient plant operation - Our machines requires very less energy.

  • Simplified machine - Less maintenance,Less breakdown periods

  • Easy Operations - Our machines are Simple to operate

Most of our ALC/NAAC Plants can be converted to AAC Plant anytime in future by adding Autoclave and Boiler

We have Two Models of Dry mix Plants
1. Automatic - up to 2MT/HR output
2. Semi Automatic - up to 600KG/Hr output

  • Ready-mix mortar for AAC/ALC blocks

  • Ready-mix plaster ( Curing/Non-curing )

  • Tile adhesive

  • Grouts for tiles

  • Special purpose grouts

  • Crack filling grouts.

  • Wall putty

AAC Plants ALC / NAAC Plants Dry mix Plants