Drymix Products is need of today's world, We have simple easy to operate Drymix plants. which can be customized as per client's needs.

  • One can produce N number of products in single machine -
  • Dry Mortar / Block Joint Mortar - is used to joint the AAC / ALC /CLC Blocks.
  • Ready-mix Plaster - Ready to use plaster - Curing type or Curing Free
  • Wall Putti - High quality Wall putti for better wall finish
  • Tile Adhesive - to fox Tiles with unique curing free technique
  • Tile Grouts - Fill the grooves in tile joints with various colored grouts
  • Special purpose grouts - to fill cracks in wall, various products can be made as per requirement
  • Waterproofing Drymix Chemicals


Currently we have Two models of Drymix Plants

  1. ADM 600

    Small production plant suitable to start along with AAC/ALC Block production. This is semi automatic plant which includes 120KG feeding hopper with weigh batching system. Main mixer , Discharge Hopper, Bag filling unit with digital preset fill system.

    Production Capacity of this plant is upto 600KG per Hour

  2. ADM 2000

    Fully automatic Drymix plant. Suitable for a new stand alone business. Bigger batch size - 400KG in single cycle. This includes Feeding hopper with weigh batching, automatic feeing system to main mixer, automatic discharge to Storage hopper. Unique Bag filling system.

    Production Capacity of this plant is upto 2000KG per Hour

Automatic feedstock hoppers/silos can be attached to these machines